Exceptional Home by Exceptional Developer


If there is a builder firm which has already established itself in a prime territory and has a comprehensive property development experience of almost 5 million square feet(residential as well as commercial); what would you-an investor-expect out of any new offerings from the same builders?

The answers may be myriad, but the crux of them all would be one- something exceptional and definitely not ordinary. It is usually expected that any offering from an established builder should not only offer exceptional properties but also a promise of high ROI in the long run.

ILD Group has delivered three new residential projects in Gurga on which meet the same criteria as mentioned earlier. These new project offerings are among the first few new launches in the city this year. Earlier, Tata Housing had opened the floodgates with the announcement of the launch of a luxury project that is to occupy 36 acres of land and would offer bungalows. The prices of the accommodations in that project are equally grand. However the ILD Group launch manages to bring good houses within the reach of the middle and upper income group. The homes are the kind of properties that one would expect in Gurgaon but had stopped seeing them coming in the affordable price bracket.

What Stands Out in the ILD Projects?

The firm has launched three projects- 2 in Sector 37(ILD Grand and ILD Grand Centra) and one in Sector 33(ILD Arete) in Gurgaon. Anyone who is familiar with property trends and geography of Gurgaon would know well that these two localities are the “rising stars” in the city. Sector 37 lies close to the KMP Expressway and offers easy access to Manesar. Sector 33 allows easy access to Manesar and Sohna. Both these towns are important nodal points in the Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor. As a result, it is expected that the economic activity would increase considerably in the vicinity of these towns and these suburban sectors of Gurgaon would stand to benefit from it. This is the reason why there is a high demand for residential properties in both the localities. Once the major infrastructure development is complete, the prices of houses in these localities would shoot up exponentially. Therefore anyone with a long term investment planning can consider investment in properties in these localities.

Features of ILD Projects

The ILD offerings themselves are the kind that the end users expect. If you combine ILD Grand and ILD Grand Centra, you have the option to choose houses with floor areas ranging from 1200 to 3400 square feet approximately. Houses this big had started becoming a rarity in Gurgaon without atrocious price tags attached to them. However in this case, all the properties are well under Rs. 2 crores. The prices start at about Rs. 68 lacs and they definitely do not pinch considering the fact that these projects are not being developed in isolation. Even today, there is a good road network along with other amenities like schools, hospitals and markets established in both these sectors.

Hence by the time one would take possession, there would be a considerable appreciation in the prices already. The builder experience of course would guarantee a good urban lifestyle.

In Conclusion

To learn more about these projects, an end user is advised to visit our site and seek details in the ‘New Projects’ section.