Finding Reliable Air Conditioning Kent Residents Can Depend on

Air Conditioning Kent

If you are searching for a new air conditioner, you should know that many systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of the property owner. Reliable air conditioning Kent property owners can depend on is customized to suit the building’s size and use. Consumers should consider several factors before purchasing an air conditioning system.

Space Size

The amount of space is one of the most important factors when choosing the right size air conditioner for a building. The cooling capacity of a system is expressed in BTUs. Your air conditioner must be rated for 21,000 BTUs to cool a space that measures 350 square metres. If you need to cool 700 square metres, you need a system that provides 34,000 BTUs.

Energy Usage

The next thing to look at is how much energy the system requires. A newer unit is more energy efficient than an older air conditioner. In most cases, the consumer will pay more to install a high-efficiency air conditioner but saves money in lower energy bills as soon as the system is in use.

Controlling Humidity Levels

The building should not feel humid or damp while the air conditioner is in use because if the unit is working properly it is designed to control humidity levels. The AC unit should remove moisture from the air making it cool and comfortable instead of damp and muggy. If your home feels damp and you start to notice mold growth inside the home, it is time to install an air conditioner or purchase a new system.

Examine Existing Ductwork

You must take a look at your heating system when installing a new air conditioner. If your home is heated with electric baseboard units, your home will not have much ductwork installed inside the walls. If your home currently has a central air conditioning system, the ducts are in place. The air conditioning technician can use the existing ducts to connect the new air conditioner eliminating the need to pay to have ductwork installed.

Cost of Electricity

When searching for a new air conditioner and comparing cost of operation, you need to factor in the money you are spending on electricity to run ceiling or box fans to stay cool during the summer. Installing a new air conditioning system requires a financial investment up front, but you will eliminate the need to use alternate cooling methods and will save on electricity over the long term.