Things I Do Before Going for a Vacation

Vacations are fun. And if those are passed in a dream place, that’ll be the best. Whenever I decide to go for a trip in my vacations, I have to do a lot of things. Because a perfect vacation really needs those things to be done. So here I am going to describe the tasks I do before going for a vacation.

Paying all the bills like electric bill, gas bill is a must before going for a vacation. I generally pay all the bills before my tour date. It’s not so good for me to pay some extra fine for crossing deadline.

I check my wallets properly before the vacation as it contains many unnecessary things and cards. For a foreign tour, I convert my money to foreign currency and keep them properly in my wallet. I also take extra credit cards with me as financial backup.

I switch off all my electric connections before leaving home for a trip. This one is really very important. It reduces unnecessary uses of electricity and also reduces the bill. Besides it shrinks the chances of any kind of accidents in the house like short circuits and others.

I make all of the papers ready which I need for the vacation. Booking tickets and hotel rooms are very necessary to do in time. I always try to book my tickets and rooms at least two days before my vacation.

I also make copies of important items. I always  assure about the copies of your passport and credit cards with me in case you lose them on your trip. I always keep paper copies or scanned copies in my email.

I always make a checklist while packing. It contains the things to bring with me including like money, prescriptions, itinerary, confirmation numbers, emergency contact numbers, gadgets, tickets and passports. I also pick up reading material like magazines and snacks. Besides I always keep my valuable properties in self storages near me to assure the safety of them. It really helps.

I generally check my working calendar to see what commitments I have made while I’ll be on my vacation. I make a new schedule for them before I leave. If I am really unable to make new schedule, I just cancel or postpone those appointments.

You need to call your bank letting your bank or credit card provider know that you’re going to be out of town so they should expect to see some international charges.

I always remember to create an automated email response or a personalized voicemail to let people know I am in a vacation and I’ll contact with them later.

I always clean out my trash canes and fridge for avoiding a nasty surprise when I’ll be back and so that my apartment will smell fresh.

Okay! This is it. I think following all of these I do before my vacation, anybody can have a perfect vacation.