Three Smart Ways to Standout in a Tradeshow


Trade shows are attended by dozens if not hundreds of businesses, each manning a booth, with most of them likely to be your competitors. Unless your display is able to stand out from the crowd and attract real potential clients, your booth will be lost among all the other booths and you will be left lamenting how trade shows are not working for you. Below are a few tips you can use to craft custom tradeshow exhibits that will surely stand out from the crowd and bring in the kind of attendees you are hoping for-:

Use your brand effectively

The first step towards making your exhibit booth stand out in a trade show is to use your brand effectively. For effective branding, think about using your logo color pallets and brand personality to create an endearing attraction that the trade show visitors will not fail to notice. Let your logo be in prominent areas of your display; the best places could be either the top or the bottom banners. Also use appropriate design elements to reflect your brand personality.

Create adequate buzz before the actual event

The next tip to stand out from your trade show competition is to create a lot of buzz with product displays and launches. If you can manage to generate a lot of excitement, many attendees will be more likely to attend your booth over your competitors. For instance, if you are planning on releasing a new product, you can plan the release to coincide with a huge trade show event and ensure that you advertise it well in advance. The social media is an awesome avenue you could use to generate a lot of heat for your product launches and releases prior to attending a trade show event.

Use fun elements in your booth

The attendees coming to your exhibition stand in a trade show usually spend a lot of their time listening to lectures and discussions about the meat and bones of your industry. They have the tendency to get tired and overwhelmed and if you present them with just “another trade show experience”, you may not be lucky to get a lot from them. It is thus important to make your booth a fun place where they will be eager to visit and interact with you and learn more about your products or services. Some of the ways you can use to add fun elements to your stand include using custom lighting, games, LCD displays, product animations and much more.